Facility Finance

Securing charter school facility financing is not easy. It’s usually a school’s most difficult operational and financial challenge.

Historically, tax-exempt bond financing has been the Holy Grail of capital for charters schools looking to finance and build a new facility. But this capital is usually reserved for the oldest, largest, and most experienced charter schools with at least one charter renewal in place. Only about 10% of all charter schools in the US have accessed the tax-exempt bond market.

Start-up schools especially—with no financial or academic track record—have it especially difficult. But even proven, operational schools have limited options. Banks are hard to convince. We get that.

The government-subsidized lenders in the market promote complex lending structures that leverage federal programs. These programs are designed to attract private capital. But new and early-operational schools with no money in the bank usually can’t access these programs. And federally subsidized lenders have to locate and assemble capital from various sources. That can take time and add costs.

That’s not what we do. We’re different.

Our clients enjoy a streamlined approval and development process with a named, dedicated source of domestic capital. And you’ll be working with people that have assisted hundreds and hundreds of charter boards and founders–people who understand the financial and schedule challenges you’re facing. We get it. We get you.

So maybe we’re the ones you need to talk to about your new building. We’d love to hear your story. Give us a call.