We Solve the Facility Problem

Highmark School Development solves “the facility problem” for charter and private schools by developing and financing safe, code-compliant, permanent school buildings. Highmark provides 100% of the capital and development services needed to purchase raw land or an existing structure and build a new school altogether or convert a building into a school. Think of what we do as one-stop shopping for your dream school.

No up front money is required from the school or individual board members.  No payments are required until after the school moves in.  Location, facility designs, floor plans, construction phasing, and lease costs are all developed in cooperation with the school board.

Turnkey Facility Development

“Turnkey” means we do it all. Not just a bank. Not just a builder. Not just a property owner. We handle all the complexities associated with acquiring, financing, designing, and building your permanent school home.

To begin, we model the economics of a targeted development size that your board can be comfortable with. Then we seek out and secure the right real estate, negotiating the sale, working through due diligence, zoning, and other property obligations with the governing municipality. Finally, we manage the design and construction process, engaging national and local partners in the process, ensuring a cost-effective, code-compliant, on-time facility opening. And of course, we provide 100% of the capital required to make it all happen.

Are you discouraged with finding just parts and pieces of the facility solution? Are you frustrated with trying to launch your project? Give us a call. We’d love to hear your story.