So you’ve been awarded a charter by an authorizer in your state to open a school. You worked at it for years. And the day has finally arrived. Congratulations! Maybe you’re in the application stages with a charter authorizer. Or, it’s time to expand your charter school. Maybe you’d like to open an early learning program or a private, tuition-paid school.

You’ve got the curriculum nailed: it’s what you do. Marketing, staffing, and operations? No problems there either. But . . . what about the building?

Architects are happy to draw up building plans, giving you everything you ask for . . . on paper. Real estate agents will show you empty buildings for sale any day of the week. But do those guys even know what you can afford? What you should plan to spend? Or how much square footage is reasonable?

And even if you know what you should pay for rent or find a great building or have a great facility designed for you, how will you pay for renovation or construction? You’ve been to the banks. They don’t get you. The bond market prefers older schools with experience and a healthy bank account. And those government-subsidized lenders? They want you to have a couple years experience and to put money into the deal, money that should go into operational resources. Plus, it can take forever to assemble the financing. But you need a building this year, right?

We can help. We do things differently.

Highmark School Development solves the facility problem for charter and private schools by developing and financing safe, code-compliant, permanent, and affordable school buildings. Highmark provides 100% of the capital and development services needed to purchase raw land or an existing structure and build a new school altogether or convert a building into a school.

No up front money is required from the school or individual board members. No payments are required from the school until after you move in and you’re receiving funding. We handle everything. Oh, and school location, facility designs, floor plans, building materials, construction phasing, and lease costs are all developed in cooperation with the school board.

And yes, we work with new-start schools. Give us a call. We’d love to hear your story.