The foundations laid in school affect children for the rest of their lives. But with so many challenges facing Jersey City’s children, many are not making it through school at all.

BelovED knows you want your children to have far brighter prospects, so they’ve committed to developing the kind of values, skills, knowledge, confidence and character in our students that will propel them to success in school, college, and career, and lead to a happy, contributory life.

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s vision of the “Beloved Community” inspires us – to know that when children develop positive values, high-level skills, inner-strength, and confidence, it advances Dr. King’s vision, producing a more caring, prosperous, and happy world for everyone.

BelovED has licensed the Sabis Education Program. Its effectiveness has been proven at Sabis schools throughout the United States and world. To cite just one example, the Sabis International School in Springfield, MA, has been lauded by Newsweek magazine as one of the best urban schools in the state. It has no restrictive admissions criteria – it’s free and open to all – and its students are very much like our children in Jersey City. But near-all of its students consistently master their state’s most-rigorous-in-the-nation academic standards and for ten straight years, 100% of its seniors have been accepted to college.