If you’re reading this, you care about education reform. And we thank you for that.

Maybe you work for a charter school authorizer or association. Perhaps you’re an EMO, CMO, or private school operator opening schools and looking to grow your business. Or are you a vendor selling goods and services to charter schools or management companies?

Whatever your role in education reform, your customers and stakeholders need a high-quality, affordable building so they can open for classes and do what they do best: teach children. How else can you support them, train them, sell to them, and help them grow without a safe, permanent home?

We want what you want: successful school clients making a difference in their communities.

For new-start and early operational schools, the most daunting financial challenge comes down to one thing: facilities. “What can we afford? Who will finance our building?” For expanding schools and management companies, the issue is pretty much the same: “Where will the money come from to pay for our buildings?”

Highmark School Development solves the facility problem for charter authorizers and management companies; for charter school association members; and for the clients of architects, builders, and vendors of all types. We do this by developing and financing safe, code-compliant, permanent, and affordable school buildings. Highmark provides 100% of the capital and development services needed to purchase raw land for a new building or to buy an existing structure and convert it into a school. It’s that easy.

What better way to serve that school client you already support than by bringing the total facilities solution to the table? Give us a call. We’d love to hear your story.