Our Partners

The strength of our company is enhanced by partners we have chosen to help deliver our services to charter and private schools.

HighMark is owned by Stephens Capital Partners of Little Rock Arkansas, a private family investment trust. Our financial partner is Education Capital Services (ECS), a wholly-owned subsidiary of EPR Properties (NYSE: EPRKC), a Kansas City based Real Estate Investment Trust.

We hire a number of experienced design/build partners around the country. These large building contractors take on great responsibility hiring architects, engineers, and local subcontractors. Additionally, they provide a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) on the construction work prior to completion of underwriting. Ultimately, they are responsible for ensuring an accurate budget, honest and capable subcontractors, a safe construction site, a high-quality school facility, and on-time opening date.

We also hire a number of other professionals as we search for the right real estate and while we’re vetting real estate during the due diligence process. Professionals in this category include local attorneys, charter school real estate specialists, and environmental, structural, and traffic engineers.

Think you’d like to partner with HighMark or see if we could fund and develop a project you’ve been working on? Give us a call. We’d love to hear your story.

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