IMPACTING LIVES OF STUDENTS, TEACHERS, AND COMMUNITIES. Highmark drives educational excellence by developing customized facility solutions while exceeding the expectations of our employees, schools, partners, and investors.


DELIVER EXCEPTIONAL FACILITY SOLUTIONS…ONE SCHOOL AT A TIME.  Highmark partners with schools that deliver quality academics, sustainable financials, and a governing board aligned with the mission of the school.


Say it. Mean it. Live it.   Ethics and Integrity 

Plan it. Work it.   Discipline

In it together.    Teamwork 

Do it Once. Do it Right.   Quality

Own it.   Empowerment and Accountability 

Love it.   Passion


Founded in 2005 in Salt Lake City, Highmark School Development is the nation’s leading end-to-end facility developer for new and existing charter schools and for independent, private schools. In coordination with our investment partner EPR Properties (NYSE: EPR), we provide 100% of the capital and services required to develop new buildings on raw land or to convert existing structures into safe, code-compliant, permanent, affordable school facilities.


Highmark differentiates itself with a dedicated source of domestic, investment capital requiring no up front money from our school clients. We structure an affordable, 20-year lease with buyout options throughout the lease term. The Highmark vetting, development, and approvals process is clearly defined, fast, easy to follow, and transparent. Each school facility is designed around the school’s program, growth plan, and budget expectations. We serve new-start and operational charter schools; management companies; and private school programs, including operators of early learning centers. More than a real estate firm; more than a bank; more than a builder, Highmark shoulders the full burden of facility development, allowing our clients to do what they do best: operate schools and teach children.